Brooklyn Gibson David Avraam Creaven Kleanthous Wyatt (born Gibson Avraam-Wyatt; October 1, 1998) is an English singer-songwriter. He was 1/5 of the boy band RoadTrip, being one of the original members.

On October 1, 2020, his debut single “Toxic” was released. At the end of that same month, his song “Lately” was dropped, which lyrically addressed the band’s split. In December he released his first holiday single, covering Wham!’s “Last Christmas”.

Brooklyn was on trial for RoadTrip on September 17, 2015, being found online by the band’s manager Blair Dreelan. He was the quickest trialist to join, becoming a member in October. Once becoming acquainted with Andy Fowler, Rye Beaumont, Mikey Cobban, and Jack Duff, they released two demo EPs in 2017, and went on multiple headlining and supporting tours primarily around the UK and Ireland. Additionally they set up two YouTube channels, one for their music, and the other for their vlogs. In July 2018, their debut single “Take This Home” was released, accompanied with a music video that dropped at the end of the year.

In the last week of April 2019, Mikey departed from the band, publicly announcing it on May 7. Sonny Robertson came in on trial and joined the group in June. The new lineup released the Dynamite EP on June 14, with its acoustic version in September. It followed with two more headlining tours. On December 8, Jack announced his decision to go solo, and Harper Dark went on trial, officially becoming a member on January 1, 2020. Near the end of February, the band’s three-track extended play, White Label, was released. On the 1st of March, the group headlined their biggest show, One Night Only, with its documentary coming out on April 26. They were planned to tour Poland, which was rescheduled due to COVID-19.

In May, the band split up. Brook made the public statement that he was not happy being in RoadTrip for a couple of months, with the way things were run. Mentally he struggled, as well as being told that he was not a good singer, which has affected him greatly. He added that he did not have any creative control, and that there were issues with money, ultimately leading to the fallout with Rye. On May 23, he set up his own YouTube channel and posted his first video on June 4. His first two singles “Toxic” and “Lately” were released on October, followed by the holiday single “Last Christmas” in December. Later that month on the 14th, it was revealed that him and Harper were manipulated by the manager to write the accusations. He also received threats from Blair, who wanted to sue him and the rest of his band members. With the plan of him, Harper, and a new member to do the Poland tour as RoadTrip, Brook refused, and left on amicable terms.

He grew up listening to boy bands. He is inspired as a singer by *NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, The Beatles, and many other musicians. His genre of music has been described of “classic pop” with the cited influence of Bruno Mars. He named Blue as one of his favourite boy bands, listening to them at two years old, and was what made him want to be in a band. His uncle was also in a band.

Gibson Avraam-Wyatt was born on October 1, 1998 to Clair Wyatt and Lee Avraam in England. They relocated to Dartford, Kent. His father passed away in 2017. He has three younger step-siblings: Jude Creaven (born October 25), Liani Creaven (born August 22), and Tai Creaven.

Brooklyn was enrolled at the Holy Trinity C of E Primary School. He later attended Wilmington Academy. After graduating from high school, he went on to take admission at the North Kent College to study engineering, but later dropped out to pursue his musical dream.

In 2017, his father passed away, Brook hearing of the news on August 18.

In December 2020, he opened up about having Asperger syndrome, ADHD, and Tourette syndrome.

Brooklyn has twelve known tattoos, stating in a March 2020 livestream of having ten, and later that month on the 12th getting two more. Later that year in May, he claimed he had eleven in total. He has three stars on his right bicep that represent his family, and a blackbird holding a deck of cards on his left arm in memory of his father. He got a “WDW” in a heart tattoo some time in February 2020, after losing a challenge in the band’s vlogs along with Harper. He has a tattoo written in Italian Secondi genitori (English: second parents) with roses for his family that he got on March 5. On March 12, 2020, he got angel wings with “LA” (initials for his father, who passed away) on the back of his neck, and Chinese characters on his arm that translate to “inner peace”. He has a music player on his inner right forearm, some time getting it in 2020.